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Highly qualified gemologists are constantly improving their skills.We work according to our developed methods of jewelry evaluation

Гем эксперт



Examination in your presence. Conducting a consultation or examination by appointment at a convenient time for you

Гем эксперт



We are a disinterested person between the manufacturer, seller and customer. Based on the results of the conducted research, we provide complete and reliable information

Гем эксперт


Client Orientation

Conscientious performance of work, as our goal is high-quality long-term relationships with customers. We carry out various types of expertise and evaluation


Professional gemological services for individuals and legal entities.

In the laboratory "Gem Expert Ural" they conduct research on modern equipment, using their own experts.

For your convenience, we are located in the heart of the jewelry trade. Every day, several gemologists work in the state, ready to quickly make an examination of jewelry.

Gemological laboratory: professional evaluation of precious stones and jewelry

Sometimes it is difficult to understand the true value of jewelry. The Gemological laboratory is the place where they help to solve this issue. There are specialists in the field of gemology, which produce estimates of individual precious stones and inlaid jewelry. They use modern equipment and focus on current quality standards.

Contact the Gemological laboratory is worth it if there are doubts about:

  • - product price;
  • - purity of the stone;
  • - the quality of the cut;
  • - origin of the mineral;
  • - according to the sample.

Gemologists are able to provide not only an expert opinion, but also a certificate of compliance. Therefore, they are used by both sellers and buyers of jewelry, as well as their manufacturers to confirm the quality of their products.

Our Gemological laboratory evaluates four main parameters:

> Color
Determining the color of a stone means assigning it to a certain color range on an international scale. There are standardized color tables for different minerals. For example, the shades of diamonds are correlated with the Gia reference scale.

˃ Purity
There are also certain categories of stone purity. According to them, the Gemological laboratory evaluates inclusions — their number, location, shape, and type. This is how turbidity, transparency, and impurities that increase or decrease the value of the gem are detected.

˃ Cut
There are many ways to shape minerals: "oval", "pear", "heart", "Asher", "baguette", "Princess", etc. They are selected depending on the stone to preserve its natural proportions. Incorrect orientation of the stone when cutting affects its beauty and strength.

Determination of the exact mass of jewelry or gem occurs with the help of special jewelry scales with extremely low error.

The Gemological laboratory uses only proven assessment methods. In most cases, the examination includes three main stages:

1. Diagnosis of jewelry or stone
Initially, experts determine the type of metal base and inserts, the type of stone, the nature of its origin (natural or synthetic). These parameters become the basis for further research.

2. Determination of quality parameters
Experts determine the weight of the metal and mineral, color, purity and quality of the cut stones. As a rule, in the Gemological laboratory, several experts are involved in this work at once. A magnifying glass with a tenfold magnification and other tools are used.

3. Registration and submission of results
As a result of the assessment, an expert opinion or a certificate of conformity is issued. Also at this stage, it is possible to determine the price, confirm or refute the previously set price.

Services of Gemological laboratory " Gem Expert Ural»

We evaluate and certify jewelry in Yekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region.

Our center has modern equipment and cooperates with experienced experts in this field. Both individuals and representatives of organizations can contact us. We also conduct field examinations at the request of the customer.

You can contact the Gemological laboratory at the specified phone number or via the online form on the website. In addition, we have representative offices in social networks, where it is easy to get advice from the center's employees or conveniently leave feedback about the service.